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A little about me (the author!):

Like so many mental health bloggers, I’ve been through the wars. There have been just as many (if not more), internal battles in my life than the outwardly noticeable kind that others can see and appreciate. It makes for a lonely world at times – navigating the rough arena of mental health challenges, often unable to adequately explain the experience to even my closest friends and family.

Not everyone can relate to the darkness of depression, the terror of a panic attack or the whirlwind of a dissociative disorder. That is why writing has become such an outlet for me. I love connecting with online communities, hearing what others have to say, and sharing tips that could help a lot or a little. If we can make sense of ourselves, gain the insight of others, and maybe even help someone in the process – then why not?

My educational background is in Psychology. My interests are not only mental health but also the dynamics of psychotherapy. I have had the great fortune of meeting some wonderful mental health professionals, but also the misfortune of working with an extremely unethical therapist (you can read about it here). Through this blog I would like to raise awareness of therapist abuse and the devastating impact this can have on patients and clients. As I continue my therapy journey I hope to share some positive insights too!

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