Accepting Your Trauma Brain

I haven’t been writing for quite some time. It’s the perfectionist in me that declines the effort to try. I tell myself that I can’t write effectively if I’m low, preoccupied, stressed. I can’t write with trauma brain. It’s true. I don’t produce my best work when I’m in the midst of a crapstorm. I … Continue reading “Accepting Your Trauma Brain”

3 Types of Therapist That Abuse Their Clients

Around ten percent of male psychotherapists admit to having sex with at least one patient. Between 22 and 26% of patients report having been sexually involved with a previous therapist to another practitioner (Professional Standards Authority, 2007). All studies that are available to date show very negative consequences for the clients. They exhibit symptoms such as trust issues, isolation, feelings of … Continue reading “3 Types of Therapist That Abuse Their Clients”