Ten Unhelpful Beliefs That Prevent Self-Compassion

How you speak to yourself changes everything. I sometimes imagine a scenario in which all of our private self-talk is hooked up to a loudspeaker for the rest of the world to hear. What would it sound like? For many of us, it might sound something like this: “What and idiot – why did you … Continue reading “Ten Unhelpful Beliefs That Prevent Self-Compassion”

10 Warning Signs of Bad Therapy: The Biggest Red Flags

There are some great therapists out there. There are also some bad ones – I’m sorry to say. Anyone who has read any of my recent posts will know that I had the misfortune of meeting a therapist who turned out to be abusive. In my last post, Setting Boundaries, I mentioned the difference between boundary crossings (which … Continue reading “10 Warning Signs of Bad Therapy: The Biggest Red Flags”